Ariane believes that even so-called "dry" technical writing can be inspired.

Ariane is a successful writer of popular articles and books on technology and philosophy.  She is the author of two best-sellers and was at one time a regular contributor to Generative Ideas Quarterly.  After a disappearance that lasted several years, she returned to prominence as an investigative journalist and researcher specializing in unusual phenomena and the historical development of various philosophies.  She has shown particular interest in the Ascendancy Doctrine and related particulars.  The circumstances of her disappearance and the motives behind her new career direction remain unknown. Ariane resolutely dismisses all rumors that her father was a fox-human hybrid.


The Good Servant: Man's Quest for the Perfect Machine

Tachycephalology and You: What Brain Modification Means for the World.

Recent ResearchEdit



Eye Blight

Garden of the Unmourned

Interstitial Saturation Event

Karl Mercel

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