Elena Jovankovna is a beloved self-taught historical writer of speculative analysis.  Her name is well-known among the populace and in recent years, her works have garnered her a rather large cult-following within the current generation of intellectuals that attend the very universities she spurned in her youth.  

Primary Areas of ResearchEdit

  • Phlogistonian History, especially between the Recombinant Era and the Tenebrous Period
  • Ascendancy Doctrine
  • Dynastic Succession and Recession


Price Fixing and Overspeculation: Did the Micro-Market Ruin Dentalien Crop Production?

Flam Boh, Flambo, Flambeaux: A History of Phlogistonia's Most Loved Ruling Dynasty

Flambeaux Ascended (or Did They?)


Temporal Journal's Writer of the Year, 1437, 1438, 1440, 1445, 1446

Honorary Master Archivist of History (from Globrottel University, 1442)

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