The Phlogistonian Pre-Revolution was marked by significant developments in phlogiston-based technologies, widespread oppression of technologically-minded individuals, and the diplomatic tensions that arose when these two aspects coincided.

Escalation of Diplomatic TensionsEdit


Diplomats attempting to resolve conflict just before the second blightweed outbreak.

Nearly as soon as Francois Baptiste finished his meteoric rise to the Yellow Giant Throne, he began instating a multitude of technophobic policies, which famously led to the imprisonment and subsequent phoenixical ascent of one Charles Babbage II via his ill-fated Haploid Analytical Engine.  The catastrophic legacy and wondrous implications of Babbage's Engine slithered into the cracks already apparent in the strained relations between Phlogistonia and Carthage and tore the two powers irrevocably asunder.  As diplomats from both powers supplicated and accused in turns, it eventually seemed as if they would reach an accord; but alas, the second blightweed outbreak occured just as a tentative peace was being negotiated.  The strain of the outbreak on the populace, fueled by the ire of contemporary demagogues, laid a path toward war that would not be avoided, helped along by the rise and fall of the toothweed market.  The only ray of hope in this dark era happened to be the most confounding piece of engineering as yet known on Earth: Karl Mercel's seed.




Charles Babbage II

Economics of Toothweed Production

Francois Baptiste

Haploid Analytical Engine

Karl Mercel

Phlogistonian Technology

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